Hello, I’m LUCY

an Australian writer CELEBRATING stories of strength


I write for individuals, big & small companies, online publications, blogs… and me. I’m currently working on #passionproject: inspirational stories from go-getters who’ve brought their dreams to life. Submissions are now open if you’d like to share your experiences. Discover more here.


“As one of our key writers, Lucy Bowler comes highly recommended for her consistent ability to turn around top quality real estate content. We’ve found her adaptive, responsive and adept at creating content, along with ghostwriting a number of articles for many of our contributors nationwide. As number one choice for our Investor in Focus feature, Lucy has skilfully related our community’s personal experiences in what’s become a much read series.”

Anna Cooper, Chief Communications Officer, Australian Property Investor

“As a person who is in some cases slightly dyslexic, I have found Lucy’s patience to understand what I mean from a verbal conversation to convert those conversations into the written word and create content for a ‘how to’ strategy book. I cannot thank her enough for assisting me in taking my business to another level with her service of a Ghost Writer from the launch of my book in 2017.”


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