Writing a book had become something that would happen in the future
It was something I would do after I’d done this course or that one, had this job or the other, once the kids were older or once they left home.  And then I saw my opening – that small sliver of time once Jono started kinder and before he went off to school.  It was now or never.   Reading the acknowledgements pages of many women writers, I see now it’s a golden age, early 40s, young kids – the first time in many of our lives that we are home and able to write.

All of which is a preface to the following steps
It’s a way of explaining why I can say now that I have written (what I hope will be published as) a book.  It is only now that this perfect storm of events has created the space in my life – and yes, I have taken advantage of it, but I wouldn’t have finished my manuscript yet otherwise.

None of this has happened overnight
It has taken thirteen years of marriage, three kids, numerous houses that we didn’t own and finally one that we did (when I’d just about given up hope of ever being in our own home), jobs that saw Joe and I as ships that passed in the night or day or weekend, never quite managing to be home together.  It’s taken two countries, money troubles, every day problems, dream catching and dream juggling.

And therein lies the rub – or the twist, as it may be
It might take just 5 easy steps to write that book, but sometimes you also need that perfect storm of events.  It requires the planets to align and you to read them.  Easy, huh?  Then, all you have to do is….

1. Stop saying one day and start today

2. Write little and often – it all adds up over time

3. Write despite the outcome – do it for yourself

4. Share the process with your friends, family

5. Celebrate the steps, big and small

Perhaps these 5 steps will work without the perfect storm
You might be able to more easily fit writing in with family or work or other responsibilities.  Because believe me – if you want to write that book, then it’s something you just have to do.  It’s the only way you will find out, one way or the other, if you can do it.  And then start on the next one and the next and the next.  You will never know unless you try!

Have you achieved a lifelong dream, writing or otherwise? Is there anything you’d like to share?

PS  Thank you for all the love on my last post!  This is the last day of submissions and I have my fingers crossed.  Otherwise, business as usual on Monday when I start my next manuscript!  Wahoo!