Almost a month ago I sat down and felt almost nervous about starting my second manuscript.  I had  thought about it for a long time, had recently bought a notebook and sketched out ideas, but what if that all went pear-shaped when I went to write?  What if I had…  nothing?  Well, as it turns out, there was something, in fact 17,040 words of something from that date until now!  It was there all along, just waiting for my hands to touch the keyboard – much to my relief!
As with my first manuscript, the ideas have started to come no matter what I’m doing: cooking dinner, in the shower, watching television, reading something else entirely.  Once they are written down, they lead on to more and so it goes – kind of like magic!  It means that, even in what can only be described as a mucky week writing-wise (Melbourne Cup, kids with days off school, a birthday party), I could sit down on Saturday morning and write over 4270 words.  The story wants to be told no matter what!
How are things in your creative life?  Do you manage to fit it all in, one way or another?

PS A new white iris in our garden – would love to share its name with you but the plant tag ran away with one of the kids!