Victoria Hislop’s The Sunrise was the perfect full-stop to a busy week. No responsibilities other than regular family life meant I could do a job then read and repeat the process all day – bliss! And wasn’t I lucky, because this novel was a real page-turner. Set on the island of Cyprus during the early 1970s, the resort of Famagusta is the place to be for the jet-set. The first part of the book revolves around The Sunrise, a luxury hotel like no other – 500 rooms and each of the full every night. That is, until a military coup sends both tourists and 40,000 residents of the town running for their lives.

The Sunrise was recommended by my sister, Kate. We mainly like the same books, but sometimes there’s a distinct gap. Initially thought this novel fell into that category, but it just goes to show that it’s worth reading the first chapter of a book to make sure. I didn’t get far in before I was hooked and knocked it over in a day, desperate to find out what happened next. What’s even better, is that Victoria Hislop has a number of previously published works and I’m heading off now to track them down!
Have you read The Sunrise? And have you almost missed out on a great read, just because first impressions weren’t the best?
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