Wow, wow and wow!
On Sunday Joe and I had the pleasure of seeing The April Maze live and I’m hooked! They weren’t a band I’d heard of before, but I’d been doing some research for work and found the details of their gig online. It turned into so much more than a simple afternoon out listening to good music – it became a celebration of creativity…

It’s not often we see live music anymore – we have three kids and live in the country where not a lot of opportunities present themselves. But count back ten years ago and we were living in Ireland with live music everywhere, country living or not. Dingle – our local town – had all kinds of music and we loved a night out in the pub with live entertainment.

So the best thing about the gig – apart from just being there and the music of course – was hearing the creative process behind the songs, from the all-night songwriting sessions to the background of the lyrics themselves. It was an afternoon spent celebrating creativity and I loved it. Of course we had to buy a CD and it’s been playing almost non-stop in the car – check out their latest here.

I’m a firm believer that you can’t create in isolation – nothing beats the inspiration found in a trip to the gallery, on the pages of a magazine and in the backstory of a fabulous band. In the spirit of this, we’ve decided to make the most of opportunities found locally, even if it’s only for a small window of time like we had on Sunday (just over an hour without the kids, then Joe had to bring them back to the venue – thankfully child friendly – and they joined us for the end. It wasn’t as ‘relaxing’ to have them there, but enjoyable all the same!).

How do you nurture your creative spirit and celebrate that found in others?

PS This is not sponsored at all, I just wanted to share with you one of our Australian musical gems!