Suffering for your artRecently somebody told me they didn’t consider themselves a writer because they weren’t doing everything they could to get words down on paper. This busy family-oriented person is juggling many balls in the air – surely, she asked, if she wanted it badly enough, she’d be getting up at 4 in the morning to do so?

It’s something I’ve heard quite often and I’m not immune to these feelings myself. Currently, I’m working on the third draft of my first manuscript, my second manuscript is paused half-way through the first draft, I’m working part-time, seeking contracting opportunities and I’m juggling my family and other responsibilities.

If something has to give, it’s my writing – and it doesn’t make me any less a writer. It just means that at the moment, other things have to come first. I have full faith that when time permits, I’ll jump back into my manuscript and get it moving… albeit at a slower pace than I had hoped.

Does this sound familiar? Do you punish yourself because you’re not bleeding in order to follow your passion, writing or otherwise?

Sure you could stay up until midnight or get up at the crack of dawn, but sometimes that takes your energies from where they need to be most. Hitting the pause button on your passion doesn’t mean giving up – it just means you’ll get back to it when you can.

How do you cope with putting dreams on hold? Any tips or words of wisdom?