recent readsRadio silence from this end – it’s been a hectic time with work, contracting and family. In between the busy-ness of it all, I’ve been snatching moments to keep up with my reading. A spool of blue thread was a much-loved read from Anne Tyler – I just loved it all, from the family to their house, the actual format of the book, so cleverly done. Along the lines of Anne Tyler’s work is Early warning, the second novel in her Last hundred years series. Another family to draw you in and make you privy to their world. As for Maggie Alderson’s Secret keeping for beginners – well who could resist that cover? Dare I say it too has family themes?! Each of them keeping secrets, with increasingly difficult burdens.

Have you fallen in love with a book lately? 

If so, I’d love to receive some of your recommendations in the comments.

PS Cover images via here, here and here.