Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 6.30.07 pmLeadership expert Tara Mohr’s guide to playing big was inspired by the many women she saw being held back by fear and negativity. She developed a program to turn things around and has since worked with over 1000 participants around the world.

Enabling women to feel more confident and empowered, Mohr has recently published her methods in ‘Playing Big’ – a book she may well have written just by eavesdropping inside my head.

As with many of the women she’s worked with, I’m guilty of letting the inner-critic take over and tell myself 50 million and one reasons why I can’t do something. Mohr shows us how to flip that inner critic on its head and stamp it out for good.

Instead, she teaches us how to recognise realistic thinking and put it to use:

“How might this be possible? What part of this looks possible?”

Realistic thinking, Mohr says, is forward-thinking and seeks solutions, rather than the inner critic which has no interest in actual solutions. She encourages her readers to take leaps, unhook from praise and criticism and listen to our callings.

It’s not just a must read, it’s a must have, no matter what stage you’re at in life.

Do you need help taking leaps? What’s the biggest thing holding you back?

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