5 ways to reconnect with your dreamsIt’s easy to get lost in the rush of the every day and lose sight of our dreams, but the good news is there are even easier ways to stay connected.

Whether it’s a career change, sea change or climbing a mountain, you can fan the flames on a daily basis.

  1. Listen to a podcast – there’s nothing like someone else’s positive voice in your ear to keep the dream alive
  2. Read a book – total immersion whenever you have a few minutes spare
  3. Follow on Facebook – it doesn’t matter what your passion is, I bet someone’s got a page devoted to it
  4. Do a course – online if you can’t get there in person (and you don’t even have to leave the house)
  5. Join a group – A quick email to a likeminded soul can do wonders for the disenchanted soul

How do you keep your dreams alive? Anything you’d like to share?