It's Not MeI’m not someone who participates in group exercise at 6.00 in the morning wearing sausage-leg exercise pants – or so I told myself until one of my friends managed to persuade me to come to Boot Camp.

My reluctance to join in was based on many things – I’m incredibly uncoordinated, I’m not an early riser and I certainly wouldn’t be seen dead wearing anything that clings to my body.

But that was so two months ago.

Since then, I’ve been dragging myself out of bed at 5.30am, squeezing my legs into sausage-leg pants and attempting all sorts of contorted acts with my body.

I’ve turned exercises around and made them my own, tripped over my feet and managed to do a kind of Time Warp version of an exercise that was meant to have two arms raised together, not one at a time.

I’ve huffed and puffed and turned so red in the face I thought the colour would never fade.

I’ve had to walk instead of run, bash a skipping rope into my feet because I couldn’t levitate properly and I’ve collapsed into hysterical laughter when I failed to do a sideways bear shuffle.

Yep, at times it’s been humiliating, but it’s been humiliating and successful.

According to my scales, I’ve lost six kilos since my first ‘come and try’ session and I’ve made a commitment to fitness I had never thought possible.

It wasn’t me, it still isn’t me, but f%&# I’m glad I did it.

How are you holding yourself back? 

Do you have any preconceived ideas you might like to challenge?