commitment vs motivationThe notion of commitment vs motivation is something I hadn’t considered before. Surely they’re kind of the same thing?

But a couple of days ago, I listed to this podcast and heard entrepreneur Ryan Moran discuss the difference between being motivated by something or committed to results.

“I think motivation is very over-rated,” Ryan said.

“I mean, I don’t wake up in the morning all motivated. I just constantly ask myself ‘what’s the one thing I can do today that will move the needle, that will push over that domino to start the next domino falling? What do I need to do today to kick down some doors and move this area of my life?’ ”

He went on to say that he did things not out of motivation, but because he was committed to a result.

It set off a lightbulb for me, especially in this stage of early morning rises to go off to Boot Camp:

I’m not motivated to get up and exercise. I hate exercise – but I’m committed to a result.

It seems that by needing to be motivated by something, we’re just as likely to not feel the need, yet a commitment is a hard and fast “must do” that gets us up in the morning, even when it’s tempting to squash the alarm clock and go back to sleep.

How about you? Have you pondered the difference between commitment and motivation? What does it mean for your life?