Social media is one of our best forums for getting out in the public eye, but unless it’s done properly our efforts can go unnoticed. Unfortunately, simple mistakes can hold us back from creating that next piece of shareable content – something that could get your name out into the world, but won’t happen when you’re linking and tagging the wrong way.

PROBLEM: Not rewriting your tags when you send a post directly from Instagram to Facebook

When you create a post on Instagram and tick the option to send it to Facebook, you could be forgiven for thinking that’s the end of the line. After all, you’ve written the post on Instagram, tagged the relevant accounts and that should be it… but it’s not.

When you tag an account on Instagram that’s known as @thelucybowler , you will be able to click straight through to that account from the original Instagram post. But when you send that same post to Facebook, it doesn’t recognise the account name, even though it may be written the same on that platform e.g. @thelucybowler on Instagram / @thelucybowler on Facebook.

SOLUTION: Editing your Instagram posts once you share them on Facebook

Go into your Facebook business page and edit the post you’ve sent from Instagram. Delete the account name you’ve referenced and write it again. As soon as you start typing @thelucybowler it will come up with the correct Facebook business page. Problem solved.

Yes, it’s messy and yes, you should be able to post from one platform to another without losing your tags, but so be it. At the end of the day, you’re just changing one small aspect of your post, while the rest of it’s done from the wording to the sourcing of the image.

WHY IT MATTERS: You want to create shareable content

Social media is all about community – building it, fostering it and getting your business out into the world. When you create a great post that also talks about another business, you want them to know the actual post exists. Unless they’re following you, they won’t see your post. And even if they are following you, it’s illogical to think they’re going to see every single post that you create.

Tagging their account lets them know you’re trying to make that connection – tagging them properly on every single account you post on matters. Get it right and you’ll soon start seeing results.



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Lucy Bowler

Digital Content Creator, Branding Strategist and Communications Specialist

Whenever I meet people, it’s always 20 questions. I can’t help myself – I always like to know more. As a communications specialist, this insatiable curiosity means I always get the best from my clients. I work to raise profiles, create compelling content, systematise communications and seek golden opportunities for revenue raising. I work with small business professionals and not-for-profits who want to take off to the next level.

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