One of the best things about having your own platform is the ability to use your own voice. But we don’t all come out firing, knowing exactly what we want to say from the word go.

Allowing ourselves to open up and talk can take time. If you’ve spent most of your working life performing to someone else’s terms, you almost have to give yourself permission to start talking. And even then, sometimes the words don’t come as freely as you’d like.

When I work with clients on their Digital Branding Strategies, one of the tasks we do is a competitor analysis. Part of it involves simply making notes about what my client likes and dislikes about their competitors. We then do the same with businesses they look up to, their commercial role models.

It’s an essential step, because part of assessing what you like and dislike about what someone else does provides insight about what you want to do. Not keen on a social media platform filled with quotes instead of pictures? Don’t do the same when you start. Don’t like it when people solely share content from other accounts? You won’t be doing it either.

But what you do like? You’ll do more of – and in doing so, build a consistency about your message that other people start to follow.

Finding your voice isn’t easy and using it is something else altogether. When you gain a greater understanding about your own communication style preferences, it becomes easier to get your message across.

Be confident to experiment, tweak and refine your communications. Don’t expect instant success, because these things take time, but you will eventually be heard.



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Lucy Bowler

Digital Content Creator, Branding Strategist and Communications Specialist

Whenever I meet people, it’s always 20 questions. I can’t help myself – I always like to know more. As a communications specialist, this insatiable curiosity means I always get the best from my clients. I work to raise profiles, create compelling content, systematise communications and seek golden opportunities for revenue raising. 

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