I work with many regional Australian clients wanting to build their profiles locally and on a national level, keen to increase recognition and improve their business status. My own strategies include networking, responding to ShoutOuts on SourceBottle, PR initiatives, content creation (including eBooks and Books), entering awards and social media engagement. I’ve reached out via SourceBottle for some real life examples from other Australian business owners, asking what they felt like the like the main limitations were to getting where they wanted to be. Alternatively, if they’d already reached the stage they wanted to, I asked what some of the strategies they set in place to help them get it covered.

Building your profile comes back to utilising smart strategies: getting your mindset straight in order to achieve success, an authentic commitment to your clients and using your resources wisely. Knowing who you want to become in business is key to making focussed decisions and harnessing tunnel vision in order to meet your goals. Anything else, according to Ultimate Business Propellor founder Lauren Clemett, can be a complete waste of time.

Mindset essential for success

All of the content creation, networking, awards and social media coverage in the world won’t help you achieve success if you are held back by negative, self-sabotaging thoughts, according to Brand Nirvana founder Merryn Padgett. The regional Victorian based branding strategist says that this kind of conditioning layers the mind with stories – and these stories are polarised when you go into business.

“Unless you cut the root to the stories, and do the work on your mindset, the stories will continue to show up in your life,” Merryn says. “Four years ago I undertook coaching and the first lesson was simple: meditate.”

Merryn says that meditation, yoga, walking and nurturing herself first have helped her unpack the layers of stories and achieve success in business.”

Smart strategies effective in digital era

Melbourne based Jane Wilson is a business owner, mum and blogger. She’s originally from London, but moved to Melbourne more than 5 years ago. Jane runs the Melbourne branch of Fantastic Cleaners and blogs via Modern Housewives, where she posts articles on home improvement, DIY and gardening projects, tips on raising children and more. Jane says that as a business owner, she’s met with tons of difficulties and setbacks when it comes to building a positive company image – especially nowadays, one negative review written in the right place can erase the effect from tens of positive ones.

According to Jane, this is why you have to be smart when developing your strategy.

“What worked best for Fantastic Cleaners is our devotion to social causes, and our constant involvement in the local community,” Jane says. “We also organise games with prizes and many other things, in order to give back to our clients. Another thing that helps build a positive company image, is sponsoring various local events, especially the ones which have a positive social impact.”

Regular communication with your clients is also very important, according to Jane, who says they need to know that you care about them and are on their side. “Asking how the service went is a good way to start showing it,” Jane says.

Beware WOFTAM marketing

As a brand management specialist for the past 25 years, Lauren Clemett says the biggest limitation for SMEs wanting to raise their profile is WOFTAM marketing – using resources on initiatives that are ultimately a “Waste Of Flipping time And Money”. Converse to being a limitation, Lauren says it’s the unlimited options and availability of low-cost marketing channels and promotional tools that confuse and overwhelm most entrepreneurial business owners.

“They feel under pressure to be ‘on Facebook’ or ‘get into Snapchat’ and the constant drive to post regular blogs, vlogs, tweets and run webinars, write books, speak and lead workshops,” Lauren says. All of these tactics can work, she adds, but if you don’t have a brand strategy it can end up being a totally Waste Of Flipping time And Money (WOFTAM). The whole idea of “forget ready, fire, aim and just get firing” – SMEs simply don’t have an endless supply of bullets or manpower to maintain it.

“My key piece of advice for SME’s who want to stand-out is to first decide, what’s the number one thing you want to become well known, well paid and wanted for?”


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