Who inspires you to go on and do greater things in business… and why? As professionals, we’re striving to go that bit further and faster, seeking role models from within and outside the business world to spark motivation. I recently took to SourceBottle to discover exactly what the magic essence is that draws us to these people and how it manages to keep us on track. I wasn’t necessarily looking for big names – just people doing great things that my respondents found pretty amazing.

I’m continuing this series with Business Growth Strategist & Consultant Kevin Huhn, author of How to Reinvent Midlife Dreams and creator of Make Media Matter!

Who is your business role model?

There so many but one that stands out for me in my current business is James Malinchak – a Big Money Speaker.

Why are you drawn to this person in particular?

He speaks from the heart and is not “perfect’ – but is perfect in his philosophies. He will share when he is on stage that he may not stand right or use body language correctly or have the right tone… but his message will do what works to make a sale.

What have you learnt from them?

I have learnt so many things and also he reaffirmed things that I already knew. But the big thing he shares is ABM – Always be marketing.

He shares a story about how a guy who sells pizza is not in the pizza business, but in the marketing of pizza business. Far too often we work in our business – when we should be working on our business.

How has this helped shape your own business?

I am a trainer and business growth strategist. My wife gives me a hard time because she asks, “when are you going to make money?” The reason is – I always give my info away. I provide help, connections or resources and usually don’t think about charging. Until I see value in what I do – no one else will, said James.

How have they helped you imagine a bigger future?

You are either growing or your dying. One thing James talks about is you set your own limits. Get things done fast and fastest way to the cash… is a mindset you need to adapt to grow. Ideas I am full of – implementing them is what makes the difference.

Lucy Bowler

Lucy Bowler

Communications Specialist

Whenever I meet people, it’s always 20 questions. I can’t help myself – I always like to know more. As a communications specialist, this insatiable curiosity means I always get the best from my clients. I work to raise profiles, create compelling content, systematise communications and seek golden opportunities for revenue raising. I work with small business professionals and not-for-profits who want to take off to the next level.

Learn more about how I work here.


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