You want to increase customer conversions, build an online profile and produce groundbreaking digital content. This is going to be the year you write that eBook, launch a new website and boost your business to the next level.

The problem is, you’re so time poor that nothing gets done.
Communications come last while you focus on day-to-day responsibilities.

It’s time to step back and leave the rest to me
I use big picture planning to solve your online and offline communications problems, put everything under one umbrella and capture your best insights. I’m a digital content magician making every single one of your words count.

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My official writing career began over 20 years ago on a rural newspaper, but I’ve been putting pen to paper my whole life. My main role is storytelling, whether it be other people’s or my own – and my love of all things words helps me achieve that.

My vast professional writing experience includes business communications, fiction, journalism, freelance, publicity, copywriting, editing and grants.

I’ve raised profiles, created digital content and persuaded government bodies to part with their money for the best in community projects.

I’m based in north east Victoria and reach out to the world through the magic of the internet. I’ve lived in 33 different houses and worked all over the world, including Australia, Scotland, England and Ireland. Married with three children (yes, it is busy!), I spend my days writing for both work and pleasure.

See my full list of professional communications services here.

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