Digital Branding Strategy Essentials

Our 12 month Digital Branding Strategy Essentials program includes your complete communications framework, as detailed below. You will also be provided with a Strategic Business Storytelling guidebook containing hints and tips to achieve your communications goals.

Be Seen
Business Essentials Capture
Core Business Statement
Situational Analysis
Target audience
Communications objectives

Be Heard
Unique Selling Proposition
Vision / Mission Statements
Audience needs + What we offer
Audience pain points + Our solutions
Audience road blocks + How we’ll address them

Be Trusted
Storytelling gold – AHA moment
Storytelling gold – Individual you
Key messages
50, 100 + 250 word business profiles
50, 100 + 250 word personal profiles

Competitor appraisal
Role models
Audience connection
Inbound / Outbound Contact
Visual asset inventory

Marketing Collateral Inventory
Website SEO
Blog content focus
Blog Categories
Social Media Style, Content + Hashtags

Database Strategy
Client onboarding
Inner circle communications
Newsletter focus
Testimonial Strategy

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Download our Digital Branding Strategy Essentials brochure from here to discover how our 12 month program works. 

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