Social Media Coaching

Nobody knows your business like YOU do.
YOU were the one gifted with that passion,
YOU were the one who dreamt of that freedom,
YOU were the one whose skills brought it together

What did YOU want to say?

Whittling what you do into as few words as possible isn’t easy. Learn how to get craft your messages and get them out to the marketplace with Social Media Coaching. Discover how to batch and schedule your work, plus all the hints, tips and tricks to maintain momentum once you start.

Social Media Coaching tailored to meet your needs


Social media scheduling
Learn how to batch your social media posts, then schedule it all out via Hootsuite, free for up to 3 platforms. A must for busy communications professionals + small business owners.


Boost your social media numbers
Learn how to build your profile through networking, requests, advertising, competitions and other promotions. We’ll start with simple strategies and work from there!


Social media positioning
Determine your core target audience, then go out to the right platforms and meet them – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Let’s narrow down your field together and work out a strategy.


Develop two-way conversations
It’s not called ‘social’ media for nothing! You need to be talking to people – your audience, other businesses… and not just in your immediate neighbourhood!


Apps for your tool box
Discover what you should have in your social media tool box – what to use for image creation, developing social media covers and backing up the written content you share online.


Hashtag etiquette
Learn how to use hashtags properly when you’re sharing other people’s content online. Develop your own hashtags and learn the tricks to get people using them!

Be seen, heard and trusted

Create an authentic point of connection with your audience through Social Media Coaching. A minimum 4 hour block is recommended, with a strategic plan put in place and check ins at weekly intervals, for 4 weeks in total – $995.

I provide social media coaching to individuals and groups throughout North East Victoria, southern New South Wales and metropolitan Melbourne.

Social media coaching is also available on an hourly basis to suit your needs.

Not sure what to say on online?
Pretend you’re a winemaker

Let’s look past the fact it’s one of the most important occupations in the world and think about how you’d communicate what you do via social media.

What stories would your audience need to hear?

Because I want to hear about the seasons. I want to know what happens on the first day of Summer and what’s so significant about that. I want to know what bud burst means, even if I have to hear the story over and over again each year because each time you tell me, I forget.I want to hear which grapes you’re looking forward to this year and why, then learn what that means to me as one of your devoted customers. 

Why do I want to know that, just about a bottle of wine?

If I really need to explain that, you probably shouldn’t be here, but I can see you want me to be really clear about things, so let’s go for it! You may know the romance of where you live, but not everyone else shares your insight. 

You understand the story of driving around these fantastic gumtree lined highways and roads and dirt tracks and through paddocks, with kangaroos jumping over the ridge in front of you, or a sheep run faster and faster in front of the car, until you think you’re going to hit them because they won’t get out of the vineyard rows.

These would be your stories…

You would be talking about the landscape that you live in and about the other producers where you live – other business owners, producers, farmers etc in your community. You would be telling this story, because where you live is so important.

Turn around now and look out your window

Whether you’re faced with a brick city or rolling open fields, it’s part of you – and there are many tales to tell about where you are and why. It may or may not have a large bearing on your business, it may be more about convenience or cost, but life goes on around you and surely some – or a lot – of it is of interest.

We have to celebrate where we live,
but we can’t celebrate it alone

The online world and me…

I started blogging back in 2008 and I’ve been online ever since! While that blog may be long gone, the skills I’ve developed over that period of time have cemented my standing as a digital communications and social media whiz.

I’ve been a social media manager, digital content creator and website designer. I love putting together words and pictures to communicate with the outside world. My main focus is working across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I discovered that not everyone finds social media as I do (perhaps just to do with the sheer number of hours I’ve spent online!), so I’ve developed a strategic communications framework to help with your online communications.

I look forward to telling you more about it when we meet!


Phone Lucy Bowler 0437 762 668
or email

And once you know how to use social media?

The essential steps to build your profile, generate leads & boost revenue…


Digital Branding Strategy

Your essential first step in Strategic Business Storytelling. Define your target audience, create Unique Selling Proposition, Vision / Mission, business and personal profiles.

Discover the essentials required to develop your voice on social media. Learn best practice strategies for your outbound and inbound client communication.


Strategic Business Storytelling

Communicate your business effectively. Learn the essential framework for media releases, blog posts, articles and other required written business communications.

Perfect for the DIY communications person developing content in-house, or briefing a copywriter, web content developer, publisher, advertising rep / PR agency.

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