Strategic Business Storytelling

We live in a world that’s getting noisier day by day. Everywhere you look there’s a new app, social media platform or website.

Standing out takes strategic consideration

Good copy matters – the words used to communicate your message. Before you even start that first sentence, make your intentions clear.

Write a story that keeps your audience reading

Learn what to say with Strategic Business Storytelling, who to say it to, why, how, where, when to say it… and with what!


Learn to adjust your message for each platform and purpose

Brand awareness comes from telling your stories across a range of different platforms. Audience dependent, your copy will be formal or informal, short or long, or somewhere in-between. Keep what you say interesting and relevant to achieve your communication aims.

The need for business storytelling

I’m going to give you the tools – the basic principles of storytelling – who, where, what, why, when and how – then add in the next step, with what…

Because not only do you need the basics, you need to know with what medium you plan to tell your story – online, offline, visually, with words.

This is what I’m equipping you to do and it’s really exciting because not only do I love telling stories, but I love hearing other people tell theirs.

But the longer I’m in business, the more I know that not everyone shares my confidence. Many struggle with finding their voice and what to say.

Alternatively, things can seem so easy, that you don’t recognise your own  knowledge – all those gems, tips and tricks you have need to be shared!

Anything you can say that demonstrates your industry knowledge – and share your skill set – develops your credibility, essential for business trust!

Learn how to use your voice effectively today


Book your consultation and start talking!

Communicate your business effectively with the 7 key steps to Strategic Business Storytelling. Learn the essential framework for media releases, blog posts, articles and other required written communications.

This is perfect for the DIY communications person developing content in-house, or preparing critical information to hand on to a copywriter, web content developer, publisher, advertising rep or PR agency.


1 hr consultation + DIY Framework + DIY Press Release
  • Suits professionals who need Strategic Business Storytelling guidance, however feel they can tackle the framework and written communications on their own. Consultation can be undertaken face-to-face or via Skype.

You + Me

1 hr consultation + DIY Framework + Done for you Press Release
  • Perfect option if you’re keen to put together the Strategic Business Storytelling framework yourself, but outsource the actual written content. Includes final Press Release of up to 500 words, including 2 revisions.

Done for you

1 hr consultation + Done for you Framework + Press Release
  • Suits professionals who are seeking full service Strategic Business Storytelling. Following consultation, I will research your framework and provide a final Press Release of up to 500 words, including 2 revisions.

All package options include 7 Step Strategic Business Storytelling Framework for ongoing use


Phone Lucy Bowler 0437 762 668
or email

Next steps once you’ve learnt about Strategic Business Storytelling

Build your profile, generate leads & boost revenue with a Digital Branding Strategy and Social Media Coaching


Digital Branding Strategy

Your essential first step in Strategic Business Storytelling. Define your target audience, create Unique Selling Proposition, Vision / Mission, business and personal profiles.

Discover the essentials required to develop your voice on social media. Learn best practice strategies for your outbound and inbound client communication.


Social Media Coaching

It’s not always easy to sell what you do. Whittling it down into as few words as possible isn’t easy. What if you leave out the most important part or people don’t understand?

Learn the skills to grow your brand through strategic digital communication, the platforms you should be on (and how to use them), plus  time savers and apps that get the job done.

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