Set yourself apart from the crowd with Strategic Business Storytelling

Your story matters – what you do, where, how, why and for whom

But when you’re time poor and running a small business, you have to work harder to promote your enterprise. 

Be prepared for any opportunity with the 7 key steps to Strategic Business Storytelling.


Communicate your key message

Unique selling proposition
Capture what sets you apart as the professional of choice in your field. Talk about the problem your business solves,why you felt the need to fill that particular gap and the steps you take to ensure quality time and time again.


Raise your business profile

Business and personal profiles
Be media ready with 50,100 and 250 word business and personal profiles.

Build client investment with deep insight into the processes behind your business.


Connect with your audience

Aha moment
Recount the defining moment that set you on your current career trajectory.

The individual YOU
Whether a runner or reader, there’s promotional gold in your whole story.

Start telling your story

We’ll get together face-to-face or over Skype for a series of 5 x 40 minute interviews.
Drafts will be forwarded with two revisions available per story.
Final copies will be delivered ready to use in Word, PDF and Text documents.

Book now and lock in your dates

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to attract new clients.
We can get the interviews done in one hit or over a series of weeks.

The Storyteller – Lucy Bowler

Friends say that whenever I meet people, it’s always 20 questions. I can’t help myself – I always like to know more.
But this insatiable curiosity means I always get the best from my clients when it comes to Business Storytelling.
I raise profiles, create digital content, systematise communications and seek golden opportunities for revenue raising.
I work with small business, self employed professionals and not-for-profits who want to take off to the next level.

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